Below is the layout of the Disk Golf Course in the Garden Plain City Park.

Natural Gas Public Awareness Information

Remember if you smell gas, leave the area at once and call your natural gas utility.  Garden Plain customers should call 316-531-2321 or 316 833-2594.  If after hours, call 316-833-2594 or 316-648-8640.  If there is no response at these numbers call 911 to report the gas leak.

     Natural Gas Systems are the cheapest and safest way to deliver an efficient, clean burning fuel to your home or business.  Natural gas pipelines are designed, tested, installed and maintained following strict federal and state codes.

     Our Goal as a Natural Gas Distribution System is to provide safe, reliable natural gas to our customers and ensure the safety of the people living, working or congregating near our gas pipeline facilities.  Public awareness is a critical component of our overall safety program.  Our top priority is to protect people first and then property, and we will base all our safety practices on that concept.

     Our pipelines are constructed of welded steel and polyethylene pipe.  The steel pipe is coated and cathodically protected to reduce corrosion.  It is important that you do not place anything on or against a meter or above ground pipe.  Doing so can short out the cathodic protection system causing the underground pipeline to corrode and possibly cause a leak.

Identifying Our Gas Pipeline Facilities and Right-Of-Way Encroachments

     Pipelines and other utilities are located underground within a designated Right-Of-Way or (ROW).  A ROW enables workers to gain access for inspections, maintenance, testing or emergencies.  Right-Of-Way's must be kept free from structures and other obstructions.  If your property has a (ROW) on it, it is important not to plant trees or tall shrubs on it.  Also, do not store, or place anything on the ROW that would impede our ability to  conduct inspections, make repairs or respond to an emergency.  The Garden Plain Gas System also uses pipeline markers to indicate the approximate location of our underground pipelines.  These markers do not provide the exact location or depth of the pipeline.  Please remember that it is against the law to willingly or knowingly deface, damage, remove or destroy any pipeline sign or right-of-way marker.  If signs are damaged, missing or unreadable, please contact the City of Garden Plain at 316-532-2321 and we will replace them.

Emergency Preparedness - Protect Life then Property

     The Garden Plain Natural Gas Distribution System is committed to public safety, and then environmental protection.  In the event of a pipeline emergency take whatever steps you deem necessary to protect yourself and the public.  The following suggestions are offered as a guide.

     You cannot smell natural gas in its natural state, so a chemical has been added to help you detect its presence.  This chemical, called Mercaptan, has a strong odor very much like that of a rotten egg.  If you smell a pungent odor in or around your home, at work, or in your neighborhood, this odor may be the result of a natural gas leak.  

How to recognize a Natural Gas Emergency and Response

1.  Potential hazards of Natural Gas Pipelines:
*  Pipelines carry flammable gas under high pressure
*  Natural Gas is colorless, and lighter than air
*  Natural Gas has no smell until an odorant is added
*  Natural Gas is flammable
*  Any pipeline leak can be potentially hazardous

2.  If you are near a natural gas pipeline, these tips can help you recognize a natural gas leak:
*   SIGHT - If you see dirt or water blowing into the air, or notice standing water continously bubbling, there may be a leak.                    You can also look for discolored vegetation (like brown patches in a green field or lawn), or dry spots in a moist field.

*  SMELL - If you smell an odor that has the distinct scent of sulfur or rotten eggs, their may be a leak.

*  SOUND - If you hear a loud roaring or high pitched hissing sound coming from the ground, there may be a leak.

3.  Response to a pipeline leak.  If you detect a leak, do the following:
*  Leave the area immediately.  DO NOT flip a light switch.  DO NOT use your telephone or wireless phone.  DO                 NOT light a match or lighter.  DO NOT use a doorbell.  DO NOT turn on or off lights or anything else electrical.
*  Notify other persons in the area by person - NOT BY PHONE - to leave the premises, then leave yourself.
*  Remember protect LIFE then Property.
*  After you leave the area call 316-531-2321 or 316-833-2594 to report a gas leak.  If no answer call 911.
*  Remain away from the building or area until an emergency official familiar with the situation says it's safe to return.
*  Warn others to stay away.
*  Do not attempt to correct the problem.
*  Once your gas has been shut off, do not attempt to turn it back on.  Only qualified personnel shall perform this task.

Damage Prevention - Kansas One Call

      Please remember that Kansas Law requires anyone excavating to contact Kansas One Call at least two full working days before they start to dig.  So, before you dig, excavate, plant trees, set fence posts, etc., call Kansas One Call at 811.  They will need to know exactly where you are going to dig, the reason you are digging, a contact name and phone number to reach you if necessary, and the time and date you will be starting the project.  This will give the utility companies time to locate and mark their underground facilities.  This is free of charge and is for your protection as well as the Utilities.  If you damage any gas utility, or even expose an underground gas pipe on the Garden Plain Natural Gas System, you must call the City of Garden Plain at 316-531-2321, or 316-833-2594.  The facility must be inspected before it can be covered up.  

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

     One of the invisible dangers of burning any fuel is CARBON MONOXIDE.  Carbon Monoxide is an odorless, tasteless, invisible gas that can be formed when fuels like charcoal, gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene, propane, wood, or natural gas are burned without a sufficient supply of oxygen.  This condition can be caused by boxes or laundry blocking the base of a water heater, or a blocked, corroded or misalighed flue for the furnace.  Carbon Monoxide poisoning can cause serious illness or even death.  It is advisable to place CO monitors in the bedrooms of your home.  The early effects of CO poisoning mimic the flu, so watch for symptoms such as headaches, nausea or vomiting without a fever, dizziness, disorientation, muscle weakness or fatigue.  If you want more information on Carbon Monoxide call the Garden Plain City Office at 316-531-2321 or drop by at 505 N Main and ask for an informational packet on the dangers of Carbon Monoxide.  You can also find the same information by going to the top of this page, clicking on the "Utility" Tab and then selecting the "Gas" button.  In the box titled "Important Information about your Gas Service",  click on the link "Carbon Monoxide Poisening Information."

Flexible Gas Connectors

    A lot of home appliances such as gas driers, stoves, furnaces or water heaters, are connected to the gas line in your home using a FLEXIBLE GAS CONNECTOR.  These connectors allow you to move the appliance out from the wall to clean behind it without removing the gas line.  Some older uncoated brass flex connectors have been known to fail causing a serious gas leak that has resulted in explosions.  The new connectors are stainless steel.  It is a good idea to replace any flex connector that is 10 years old or older. Also replace any connector that does not have a label that reads:  U.L. approved, or ANSI standard.  If you have any doubt, BUY A NEW ONE!


The City of Garden Plain at 316-531-2321 or 316-833-2594
After Hours call Dwight Mollenkamp at 316-833-2594 or 316-648-8640
If no answer at these numbers call 911

Garden Plain Area Chamber of Commerce
Membership Drive
It's time again for the Garden Plain Area Chamber of Commerce to update their membership list and look for new members willing to participate in the organization.  Membership is open to any individual, family, or business in the Garden Plain area; residing in the city limits or owning a business is not required for membership.  As a group, we hope to make Garden Plain the best it can be, a source of pride among small towns in the area.

Annual membership dues for the Chamber are $20 per individual, family, or business.  Our meetings are usually held the 4th Wednesday of each month at 8:00pm in the City Library.  Consider joining us as we are open to comments or suggestions.

We are grateful for all of the help and contributions given to us over the past 25 years.  Without you and your continued support our success would not have been possible.  If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to attend one of our meetings or contact one of the 2016 officers shown below.

Thank You, 

Seth Pauly, President 535-6065
Nancy Fisher, Vice President 531-2712
Pearl Harmon, Secretary 573-6865
Amy Hammond, Treasure 531-2672

Mission Statement:

The Garden Plain Area Chamber of Commerce is organized for the purpose of 
advancing the commercial, Industrial, cultural and civic interest of the 
City of Garden Plain and the community.

Please click the link above to print an application form!

The new FEMA Flood Plain Map will go into effect in early 2016
Click on the link at right to see if your property will be effected by the proposed changes to the flood plain map.  Some areas in Garden Plain as well as Sedgwick County are expected to be added to the flood plain map while other areas are proposed to be removed.

Garden Plain Revitalization Map