Events Happening Around Town in October...

  The "Main Street Cafe " 
Now open at 503 N Main in Garden Plain.  Restaurant hours are 11:00 am to 9:00 pm Tues-Sat.

With the warmer weather we see a lot of foot traffic on the City sidewalks.  Their have been complaints of vehicles parked blocking sidewalks and forcing pedestrians to walk out into the street to get around them.  Please be thoughtful and do not block the sidewalk even in your own driveway. 


    With all the rain we have received lately, you will be spending more time mowing your lawn.  Please remember     that blowing your grass clippings into the street is not only disrespectful to your neighbors, it also blocks the    natural rain water run-off from our streets and causes dirt and sand that would normally wash on out of town, to pile up in our gutters.  Please dispose of your grass clipping properly.  Blowing grass clippings in the street is prohibited by Garden Plain Ordinance #661 which can be found on this site by clicking on the "Government" tab at the top of this page, and then clicking on the "City Ordinances" button .


Do you have a gas leak? Leave the area immediately and call 833-2594 24 hrs a day. If no one answers call 911.

For more instructions click here - Instructions to follow in case of a gas leak


Consumer Confidence Report
Click the link above to see a snapshot of the quality of the water that we provided last year.  Included in the report are details about where your water comes from, what it contains, and how it compares to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and state standards.  We are committed to providing you with this information because informed customers are our best allies.  It is important that customers be aware of the efforts that are made continually to improve their water systems.  To see past year's CCR's, click on the "Utilities" button at the top of this page to take you to the Utilities Page, then click on the "Water" button to go to the Water page.  Once there, you will find the links to past year's Consumer Confidence Reports.   

If you have any questions, or would like a paper copy of the CCR, please stop in at the City Office at 505 N Main.

The City of Garden Plain is currently in the process of updating files for emergency contact information.  Some of the instances where we might need to contact our customers are:  water emergencies, possible gas leaks, sewer issues, found dogs, etc.  It is important that we have the correct contact information for all our customers.  If you have dropped your land line or changed your cell number, added or dropped a PO box, or changed your email address, you can click on the link at the right to get a downloadable form to fill out and drop off at the City Office.

Planning a home improvement job? Planting a tree? Installing a fence or deck?

WAIT! Here's what you need to know first:

Whether you are planning to do it yourself or hire a professional, smart digging means calling 811 before each job. Homeowners often make risky assumptions about whether or not they should get their utility lines marked, but every digging job requires a call – even small projects like planting trees and shrubs. Click on the link below to learn more.  

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