Elected Officials and City Staff

City Hall:

Hours:  Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
                        If after hours use mail slot.

Address: City of Garden Plain
505 N Main
P O Box 336
Garden Plain, KS  67050

Phone: 316-531-2321 Fax: 316-535-2207

City Council meetings are held at 507 N Main
 on the 1st Wednesday of every month @ 6:00 pm.


Larry Lampe - Elected 2015

Council Members:


Kevin Hammond -      Elected 2015 

Paul McPhillips, Sr.-   Elected 2014 

Joe Fisher -                Elected 2014 


Jenny Zoglman -         Appointed 2014

Charlie Bales-            Appointed 2016


The mayor and city council members are elected to 2-year terms.

Primary elections, if needed, are held in August of each year.

The general election is in November of each year.

City Clerk:
Kimberly C. McCormick 316-531-2321 Fax: 316-535-2207



Deputy Clerk:

Bonnie Kopper 316-531-2321 Fax: 316-535-2321



Chief of Police:
Robert Sharp 316-531-2222 Fax: 316-535-2361


Court Clerk:

Bonnie Kopper 316-531-2321 Fax: 316-535-2207


Municipal Court Judge:

Harold Flaigle


City Prosecutor:

Shawn Elliott


City Treasurer:
Darren Haukap


Maintenance Department:

Sewer Dept: Art Wolfe

316-833-2595 Fax 316-535-2207


Water Dept: Art Wolfe

316-833-2595 Fax 316-535-2207


Streets and Parks:  



Natural Gas Dept: Dwight Mollenkamp

316-833-2594 Fax 316-535-2207



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